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All Learners Are Smart in Different Ways

What is a high ability learner?

High ability learners are those who perform at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one subject when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment AND/OR is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.   This includes gifted and talented, high achieving, and creative learners.

There are other types of intelligences that we foster growth in aside from academic.  They include bodily/kinesthetic, culinary, logical/mathematical, mechanical/craftmanship, musical/rhythmic, naturalistic, verbal/linguistic, and visual/spacial.  We will be supporting these many ways to be smart as we explore different learning themes!


Enrollment Pathway

FInd Your Perfect Fit and Join Our Learning Community


How Our Relationship Begins

Children are born with an incredible capacity and desire to learn, especially through play.  A child’s first experiences should be robust, steeped in activities that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of themselves in a social society and with content that matches their readiness.  Each student should develop 21st century skills including creativity, innovation (STEM), communication, collaboration, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility.  If this is the type of learning your student will thrive on, please complete our application.  Click the link to begin!

Screening and Placement

A Perfect Fit is Found

A screening of academic skills will be conducted as we recognize and appreciate the unique nature of different learning styles and how students learn different subjects at varying rates during their childhood.  This consideration will ensure that each student's learning needs will be addressed at their instructional level in each area and that appropriate goals will be set. Qualitative and quantitative measures will be used to set your educator up for a great start in their placement.

Enrollment Process

Your Gateway to Learning

Your application was great, your placement is complete, and now we are ready for enrollment to secure your student's place!  Next, please complete the enrollment paperwork found at the link below and submit fees to join our learning family.


What Makes Us Unique

Do your students wear uniforms?

They do not.  We believe that dress is an expression of creativity.  If fact, just cover your important parts, choose shoes that promote safe movement, and your clothing should not be so precious that a stain or two would be a problem when we use art materials.

What kind of religious experience can we expect?

We are not a religious campus and the children will not have chapel or learn bible versus.  We will occasionally learn about major holidays from many cultures including religious ones with very basic details such as Christians celebrate with trees and Jews celebrate with candles.  Some holidays are approached with the Americanized version such as Valentine’s Day is a day to recognize friendship or Halloween is a day for dress-up.  Any specific questions about beliefs will be passed back to parents.

What school supplies does my child need?

None!  We will provide all their learning materials for use at the center as part of their tuition.

What kind of fundraising will you expect?

Your tuition covers all costs and we will not be selling anything.  We will accept donations or gifts to enhance our programming.  Keep us in mind for gently used learning materials or books as your child grows out of them!


Join Our Campus Team:  Campus Manager, Teachers, & Tutors

If you are interested in the art of education, without the stress and expense of the occupation, please apply.  We are looking for team members who enjoy teaching through play, promoting creative and critical thinking, love to work thematically, believe that all children learn at different rates, and that 21st century learning skills are part of the learning process.  Job sharing is an option as we encourage a work-life balance.  We cannot offer benefits at this time, but offer a competitive hourly rate based on experience.



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