Early Learning Studios

Monthly Tuition $700

Enroll now to experience customized, play-based, thematic learning in our Early Learning Studio!

Each student will spend most of their learning day with children near their age as they learn student skills and fun subjects from our thematic curriculum such as Simple Machines! However, they will group with other children that are on the same instructional level for their small group core curriculum including reading, writing, and math. 

For example, your five year old may be learning about simple machines with her class, but have lessons in reading on the 4th grade level and math on the 2nd grade level.  This specialized learning strategy accommodates asynchronous learning so they may experience instruction to grow without frustration or boredom.

Unlike traditional early childhood education programs, our students receive curriculum individualized to each student’s learning levels with a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio at our campus. Each group will be supported by one of Advanced Academics’ specialized teachers.

If you’d like to know more about our Early Learning Studio program, give us a call at 912-348-2017!

Readiness: Typically ages three to four years for students acquiring the traits of a learner and mastery of preschool skills.

Foundations: Typically ages five to six for students learning foundational skills in each subject area and developing skills in working independently, as part of a group, and leadership skills.

In both of these programs, our curriculum will focus on the following key areas: 

  • Learning through play: constructing, organizing, and applying knowledge

  • Creative thinking and expression: communicating through the arts (music & movement, dramatic & performance play, and visual arts

  • Social and emotional development: interpersonal skills, self-awareness, self-management, relationships, decision-making, and responsibility

  • Language & Literacy Development: foundational skills, informational text & literature, writing, speaking and listening 

  • Mathematical thinking and expression: exploring, processing, and problem-solving skills with numbers & operations, algebraic concepts, geometry, measurement, date, and probability

  • Scientific thinking: biological sciences, physical sciences, earth & space sciences, and environment & ecology

  • Social studies thinking: civics, government, economics, geography, and history

  • Health, wellness and physical development: healthful living, safety & injury prevention, gross motor coordination and concepts, principles & strategies of fine motor coordination



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