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"This is a much better alternative than public schools right now !! Small classes, home school environment, I know it’s going to be a great first school year !!!"

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"As any parents would be, we were anxious about making our school decision this year for our young children. We have tried both public and private schools and then made the choice to begin homeschooling.  As we tested the waters, we desired to have a partner who whould assist us with this overwhelming responsibility.  Advanced Academics has rose to the task!  Our chldren love what each new day brings there, and as the parents, we love that they are finally learning at their individual level, in a safe environment.  If you are looking for a school to truly differentiate your child's education - look no further!"



"We are so relieved that we finally made the decision to switch from public school to homeschool with Advanced Academics. One good thing that came from the Covid-19 pandemic is our inclination to dig deeper into the current education system and review all of the options available to educate our child. After multiple discussions with the owner, Lori Lewis, it was clear that she had the same vision of education that we did -- small class sizes, personalized learning, and developing confidence and critical thinking skills that he will carry with him forever. We were obviously concerned about how our 9 year old would react to leaving his school friends and not having lunch and recess with them, his favorite parts of the school day. But guess what? Not once, has he asked to go back to the public school. He is having way too much fun! He doesn't want to leave when it's time to go! On the other hand, he has made comments about his work being hard, which is great because I know he's being challenged. He has an excellent group of teachers to get him to the next level - HIS next level, not the level that public school says he should be. I've got to give a shout out to one of his teachers, Miss Evelyn. She found some common ground with him on day one that makes him want to go back each day. She is fun, energetic, and totally gets what the kids are in to these days. It is so refreshing to see and hear your child having an individual conversation with a teacher on a daily basis. You won't get that in a class of 25 students." 

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My name is Dr. Henrietta Gray.Presently,I am the President-Elect of the State Georgia Retired Educators Association. (GREA) 


As an Educator, I am fully aware of and professionally knowledgeable about the natural, systemic educational requirements.For this reason, I am excited and happy to welcome Advanced Academics to Pooler and Chatham County. We are indeed fortunate to have them in our community. Their innovative, cutting edge approach to education will enhance and extend our educational reach and effectiveness for students in Chatham County. Therefore, parents, I strongly endorse Advanced Academics as a viable, enriching choice for your child, and parental support for your intricate role in your child’s education. Advanced Academics’s customized instruction in small groups is an optimum setting for high level instruction and learning.

Parents, I urge you to become informed about this unique approach to your child’s learning and retention. Advanced Academics’s instructional modality facilitates learning in a positive, nurturing and safe environment. It also lends itself to comfortable and easy implementation of parental involvement. Ultimately, your child will acquire skills, knowledge and training that also enhances their personal development. My endorsement of Advanced Academics is given because l am fully convinced that Advanced Academics will provide your child with a high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education.



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Shawn S. 4/13/21