Experience Thematic Integration


Join one of our 1st throught 5th grade classes!

Utilitarian classroom and desks are out!  So what's in?  Find a welcoming and comfortable, kid-friendly place to kick up your feet and explore a superior curriculum.

We are the learning partners you are looking for!  Our families like having the option of utilizing our classes for half or full days. By providing learning experiences for your student, we do the heavy lifting for you and you maintain control of your child's learning pathway!

Start your learning day in our studio spaces.  In our elementary program we have a giant thematic learning studio, three small group studios, and, yep, a lounge!   We provide ability-based education. Each student's customized learning plan will include placement in reading, language arts, and math in each learning strand.  In the small studios, dynamic teachers will  guide your children in teacher led and learner collaborated activities.  Nope, not lecture and books, but learning by doing and putting pencil, marker, or crayon to paper to practice thinking and doing.  In our thematic class, a mentor teacher will take the skills that the children are practicing in their small groups and get the kids excited to practice the skills they are learning.  She will also anchor lessons in our monthly theme and expand learning based on interests.  


Got fun?  You bet! In each theme, students will get to incorporate arts, crafts, creative/critical thinking, STEM, and more.  There are so many ways to be smart that we think our students should find lots of ways to express knowledge.  Embedded into activities are also soft skills like communication and collaboration that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Our curriculum is inclusive of the Georgia Standards and builds on the guiding standards of our Early Learning Studios (check out that page for more information).  As we transition themes and learning strands each month, parents will be given documentation such as pre- and post-tests, work samples, and reading records to build a portfolio of growth. 


As you begin leading your child's education, you will register your child as a homeschooler with the state.  (See white "Intent Form" button - It's easy!)  In Georgia, parents may hire others to teach their children.  Parents continue to function as their child's educational leader and can customize their learning year.  As your learning partner, we make the school day run smoothly and you can build upon their day.  You know...doing the things you love to learn together!



Examples of Thematic Units




& Plays



Now that you are out of that age = grade level school, discover how our day is different!


Our core program is based on customized placement.  As we change themes monthly, we also change different segments of Reading, Language Arts, and Math.  

Our Mornings

Each day students experience two kinds of learning instruction.   During guided reading and math, our teachers lead lessons to build skills and close gaps to grow each student.  In our thematic time, the teacher's role is more of mentorships as the students practice skills with support when they need to try a strategy or two, or when it's time to give a student opportunities to try new things that may be challenging.  

Reading, Language Arts, and Writing 

Guided Reading...Each student is tested to find their just-right reading level, where gaps can be closed and new skills can be taught.  We use these reading levels to place them into our studio classes where they receive small group instruction.  Our teacher's focus each child's lessons based on the running record report and skills applicable to that level.


Thematic Reading...During our read aloud time, our teacher guides students using mentor texts to practice standards relating to literature.  Students practice the skills being taught in their guided reading groups as well as other standards such as inferring, character analysis, vocabulary development, identifying key details and evaluating the texts.

Language Arts...Phonics and English are taught to ensure that students have the language skills they need to be effective readers and writers.  Our activities are differentiated for  students working with skill acquisition through the second grade level and for third and up as they grow and expand their abilities.

Writing and Handwriting (both print and cursive)...Writing is approached through variations of  two main goals: production of writing with skills and practicing writing  with ideas and organization in mind.  Students working with reading levels Pre-A through M will refine Zaner-Bloser (ball and stick print) handwriting.  Upper students will be taught cursive and transition into the frequency of use.


Guided Math...Each student is pre-tested in our math strands.  This is for placement in their small groups and to ensure that we close gaps before presenting new material.  As we spend a month on each strand, this allows us to close gaps, teach  their "grade level"  standards and move on into other levels that they are ready for.  It is not uncommon for a student to have a few gaps from prior grades, tackle their own new material and then do advanced content within the month.

Thematic Math...Our thematic activities are geared to put what we are learning into practice.  Activities will include opportunities in critical thinking , problem/project based learning and STEM-typed activities.

Science and Social Studies

We use a standards-based, immersive curriculum that takes your students deeper through primary sources paired with a robust, interactive experience.  Our hands-on Science curriculum gets your students exploring and evaluating their world.  Our Social Studies curriculum gets your students deeper into history and integrates with language arts.  Both are based on Georgia grade level standards to ensure that your child covers the goals for each grade level.

Beyond the Core Subjects

"Specials" classes round out our learning day.   We rotate activities to allow for a wide variety of interests.  Art, music, p.e. and STEM are regular categories and we offer other fun classes in rotation such as Tae Kwon Do, dance and theater.


Choose Full Day or Homeschooler's Half Day

Our core program is based on customized placement and includes reading, language arts, writing, math and thematics.  Monday - Friday.

Lunches need to be brought daily for full day students. 

Hesitant?  We offer a shadow day for you and your child to experience the benefits of  what having Advanced Academics as learning partners is like.  If you are interested in speaking with a parent of current students, let us know and we will make that connection!