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After months off of school, everyone is going to be ready to begin!

Okay, so Covid-19 has been a terrible thing for so many reasons. Parents have been sharing their new insights into their child's education now that more of the decision making has been placed in their hands. That's a good thing. Many have shared that they are ill prepared to appropriately teach their child. How do you teach phonics? What is all this new math stuff? Meanwhile, I had this wonderful vision for a learning center earlier this year. It will capture those students who frankly are left out. We are the answer for those who are bored, wanting to move ahead with their learning, and are just tired of their classmates wasting everyone's time, bullying or worse. ADVANCED ACADEMICS IS STARTING CLASSES AUGUST 5TH, RAIN, SHINE OR COVID-19. We are going to streamline your child's education by strand to their instructional level and make learning FUN. We can't wait to meet you!


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Cancellation Policy:  48 hours before the first class via email, a $5 fee for credit cards will be assessed.