Back to School is Unsettling

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I'm so pleased to be on a small campus this year and providing customized education. With COVID's interruptions to education, it is even more important to ensure that students are on the correct instructional levels.

So how are we functioning differently? Well, we are not e-learning, but delivering in place instruction. Our class sizes are very small, we aren't serving meals, there are no crowded hallways and our campus allows for our students to spread out and get comfortable. We don't have desks or partitions to separate our kids, but floor chairs, a sofa, big comfy chairs, rolling kid chairs, and fluffy carpet to sprawl out on as kids read, discover, play, and dig in to learning activities.

We will not be backing up each student into their last learning year, but moving forward while closing any gaps. We are offering a full year of learning with educators that are passionate about meeting students where they are and growing them in 21st century skills while they learn and play with our high-caliber curriculum.

We are going to be safe and are using common sense to exceed protocols for germ warfare. Our team is ready to keep your child and your family as safe as possible!

While we wish that each child could be with us for this wonderful learning year, we will be there for other kids. We are happy to help those in e-learning with our E Club, where we can support parents and students by telephone and screen sharing. Many are not getting their needs met from their school while trying to navigate assignments. Our teachers will be available to help you when you need a hand.

Meanwhile, if you are doing it all on your own and need help, let us be a resource. We can do short tests to identify your child's learning levels or learning difficulties. Strategies for working with your child will help your relationships and support the success of your home education programs.

These are unsettling circumstances, but we've got your back. Our students are prepared for a full learning year and we wish everyone the very best!

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