Care to Waste a Month of Learning?

If your child is at a public school, they will likely lose a month of instructional days to testing each year. I once sat on a committee that was evaluating the testing being done in the district. The testing included the expected state tests, but also district testing that were geared to give teachers usable data since the big state one did little to inform what students knew or still needed to learn. This is a common practice as the state level testing is primarily done for funding and ratings. The district tests were ultimately mostly done for data for the central office instead of being valuable to the teachers as it was sold to them. When our presenter compiled all the dates, it was the equivalent of a month’s worth of instructional days. To add to the insanity, this did not include the dates that teachers were required to plan to “teach the test” and “teach test taking strategies.”

This is yet another reason why we are better at what we do. We know how to customize learning with touch points of data. Even better, our students and families get that valuable feedback so we are working as a team to make learning meaningful and interesting. It’s no wonder our students are thriving!

Please share this information with other parents. It’s shocking to learn how a school district can’t get out of their own way to focus on learning.

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