Covid, Fevers & Coughs Oh My!

Several people have asked how our little learning center will be handling Covid. Let's start with the easy answer. Our illness policy already excuses children that have a fever, are vomiting or having diarrhea until they are without symptoms for 24 hour OFF of MEDICATION.

Now we have Covid. So the fever is already covered, but what about the cough? Well, we live in the Low Country where allergies are rampant. Kids will cough. If a child is known to have a persistent allergy cough, we will ask for a letter from a physician. Both my kids would qualify for that. If a child does not have a regular cough and are coughing, we will take their temperature. If they are clear, but still coughing, we will monitor them for about 15-20 minutes to see if it is subsiding with common sense efforts like a drink of water. If it isn't going away, they will have to leave and return with a doctor's note. Any child, without a note, that is coughing even temporarily will be asked to wear a mask.

As far as face masks go, I leave that decision to each individual family as long as they are not coughing. Children are not statistically coming up positive like adults are and have a hard time keeping them on. We are having small groups and our cleanliness practices are strong. We will protect our students as much as possible from any illness as we want them healthy and enjoying learning. We also believe on a campus like ours, parents are educated and understand that we are protecting not only the people in our building, but their baby siblings and grandparents too. Let's all hope that these problems quickly become history!

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