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Cross Grade Grouping Places Students In the Correct Learning Level

Within a system of grade-based learning, the “norm" format for teaching is to prioritize learning goals for grade-level students alike. This is to determine an understanding of what is considered mastery, and design a variety of learning activities to help students with different learning styles develop specific grade level mastery. Teachers and students have a clear cut understanding of their expectations of mastery, and are accessed in their progress at the end of the year. This is common at public schools in the area such as Savannah Chatham Public Schools, Bryan County Public Schools, and Effingham County Public Schools.

Cross grade grouping allows students to work with others of varying abilities, interests, ages, and backgrounds. It allows for flexibility in planning, and it gives the teacher and the students opportunities to participate in a common thematic unit, which is so exciting! Students progress goes beyond instructional grade level and allows them to creatively focus on their strengths and develop and mold their hidden interests.

Within cross-grade grouping, all the core subjects are still taught, but focus more on grouping students with common strengths and interests. This allows the teacher to group for instruction, and still put a personal emphasis on individual student progress. In the process of grouping students, consideration is given to the formation of the groups that will enhance and foster independence amp]000ong the learners. Cross-grade grouping promotes independent thinking, helps build a positive self-concept, and gives students a chance to excel in what they are really good at! As long as students progress is continually monitored, cross-grade group learning is a wonderful avenue and environment to promote creativity and self-awareness. This is just one of the tools for success at Advanced Academics!

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