How Hard Is It To Begin Homeschooling?

In Georgia, the process is almost painless. On our Homeschool Studios page, we have shared the steps to take as well as the link to file with the state. It's pretty much as easy as transferring schools.

Many families, once ready to begin, often wonder how to handle curriculum and figure it is easy to teach the lower grades. After all you passed them! Let's tackle these two topics!

You do not have to purchase a curriculum in a box. Follow your state standards for your minimum goals per grade and you can tackle homeschooling in a number of ways. A curriculum in a box is a one-size-fits-all sort of approach and if your child in not exactly on their grade level, you will be searching for or purchasing many more materials. We find that having the students with us on campus makes the journey as a homeschooler so easy as we do have great curriculum, can place each student at the correct level in each strand, and will customize their learning.

Do you know the difference between phonemes, phonograms, phonemic awareness or phonics? Or, how about that "new math?" The good news is that we do! As your child's homeschool leader, you can differ their reading, writing and math to us and still stay in control of your child's learning year. So while, you may have passed those grades, teaching them is a different scenario.

Homeschooling is an easy pathway for families in Georgia, especially with partners to support the core subjects as you focus on your at-home components of the learning week. Let us help you to achieve the best learning year for your children!

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