Is it Easy to Love Reading?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Not everyone enjoys reading. Many people report that it was hard for them to read when they were young and they gave up on it. We know so much about the process of becoming a fluent reader in 2020. However, many parents struggle to help their child do more than become interested in early picture books and lap reading. Once the task becomes the child's, you are passing the work of reading to them. They are right that it loses pleasure. However, as a parent you can do things to help them have an active roll in reading, and it can become fun again!

My first piece of advice is to ensure that your child knows what reading level they are on. We start our school year by listening to your child read and placing them in the level that is Just Right! Along with that, we accumulate data during that reading to learn what strategies that they are strong and weak in so that they can find support in challenging vocabulary and story structures.

My second piece of advice is to help them find topics that they are interested in. The web provides several surveys that can be given by the parent or taken by the child to help them learn the types of literature that fit their interests. After all, if they are reading, it doesn't need to be high brow books to be effective. They need to be reading daily to practice that skill just like you need to keep practicing a foreign language or you back slide.

My last piece of advice is to make sure that the child has blocks of time to enjoy literature. Many parents mandate a reading time as it has the benefit of giving them grown up time. This forced approach can leave a bad taste in some children's mouths. However, if you are finding ways to connect to the reading, it will benefit those children who are taking over the work of reading. An example is turn-taking reading with short chapter books. Or, you could have two copies of the same book and read the same chapters so that a social discussion can emerge about the story in real time. Finally, show them how much you like to read. My students always get excited when I tell them about a book I just finished. They often want to read it too!

Can you say that your student is set up to love to read? We are happy to give your student a placement test even if they are not enrolled on our campus. This data will give you a great starting place to help build a life-long love of reading!

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