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Ms. Kay Shares Differences in Campus Approaches

Updated: Sep 1

Here is why I chose Advanced Academics: Campuses like Savannah Christian Preparatory School and St. Andrew’s use instructional time for religious training. I'd rather my child to learn about our family’s faith from me and at our church. They have strict enforcement of uniforms. I want my child to be able to express himself as an individual. He does not have to look like everybody else, and at Advanced Academics, my child’s attire isn’t a focus.

Calvary Day School spends tuition monies on activities that don’t apply to my child. Advanced Academics focuses on my child’s academic progress. Academics is the number one priority-not expensive sports programs. Hancock Day School requires that our family participate in time consuming fund raising. Advanced Academics doesn’t utilize fund raising which can take away from our personal family time.

St James Catholic School has large one size fits all classes. Advanced Academics has a maximum teacher student ratio of 1-6. My child is with a certified, experienced teacher. Savannah Country Day School requires strict, age graded grouping of students. At Advanced Academics, my five-year-old is taught reading at a second-grade level and math at a fourth grade level. He receives an education that is appropriate for him.

For our family, Advanced Academics is the perfect choice.


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