The Advantages of Face to Face Learning in the Classroom

 Students dramatically increase their education growth by being in a face to face classroom setting with a live teacher. All of Savannah-Chatham County Public School System schools are unfortunately online for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Advanced Academics is offering face to face customized learning for pre-k and kindergarten on a campus. They are also offering higher thinking classes for Homeschool students 1st through 5th grade. The benefits of face to face learning are crucial in your child's education. 

Students who are being taught face to face at Advanced Academics are able to focus on the task at hand because there will be less distractions than at home. Students who are only able to offer distance learning, like Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, are going to be feeling just that, very distant and disconnected with what should be going on face to face. Students are able to develop a greater understanding of stories and real world examples that their teachers and peers are offering while they are all in the classroom. When in a classroom setting, students are more likely to complete their work. Students are 5x more likely to complete their work than that of online learning. Children have been going to school in a building and getting to greet their teachers daily since they started school, they are used to the daily schedule that has been imprinted into their minds since they were four years old. Students' bodies recognize school setting is where the brain turns on and absorbs material and at home is where the brain gets a break. The resources and tools that are provided in a classroom are not able to go home with each student therefore these students who are fortunate enough to attend a face to face environment have an upper hand on others. Teachers were not taught in college how to teach online, they were taught how to get through to students by using their body language and the tone of their voice. Savannah-Chatham County Public School System teachers will have a disadvantage going all online because they are losing the very basic tool of body language. 

Rachael Lessard

Children problem solving or having discussions together is a crucial element in helping students grow. Pre-k and Kindergarten are setting a strong foundation of how learning and school will look like for years to come. Advanced Academics will provide a traditional learning setting for your child and help them through their first few crucial years of learning. 

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