Who's In Your Pod: Embracing the New Normal

During COVID we have been hearing about a trend of having a small pod of people that you intermingle with. Interesting! We already had that mentality as it fits with good education to have small groups. We call ours studio classes, each with up to six students. Now it's trendy for germ spreading! We are certainly ahead of other educational providers.

Our studio classes (think pods) make up our small campus. We are able to facilitate children learning and building friendships without intermingling with dozens of others. Students are challenged in their own instructional zone as they are paired with like-ability learners. Our teachers are able to guide students as there are no possible cracks to fall between. In fact, we close past gaps as we move children into challenging levels of learning. A pod is certainly good for more than germs!

So, my new questions are: do you want us to teach your pod, do you need to change your pod, and would you like to join one of our pods? Our customized learning in our pod-like arrangements really fits the idea of the new normal. We are on to something big! Join Advanced Academics this school year for a safe and customized learning experience.

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