E Club & Virtual Learning Group K-5th

Working from Home or Working on Campus

E-CLUB: WORKING FROM HOME  10 Fifteen Minute Sessions for $100. Our teachers are here to support your e-learner as they navigate this new form of education.  As a E Club member you and your student can call in to discuss any academic area they need help in with our patient, knowledgeable, and capable educators. 

Each 15 minute segment will allow time to describe a problem to a teacher, for them to work with you, and get you moving along in your school work.  We can screen-share to help guide you right on your assignment or drop in for face-to-face help on your device. 

Call us to schedule your support session Monday - Friday.  We will help make your e-learning experience a better one so that your child doesn't fall behind this school year!

VIRTUAL LEARNING GROUP: WORKING ON CAMPUS  We are pleased to offer our Virtual Learning Group to families in Chatham County during their first weeks of e-learning.  1st - 8th grade students may join us as early at 7:30 a.m. to begin their virtual learning day under the supervision of our elementary teaching team.  Students will need to bring their own devices and a lunch.  Their school day will end at 3:00, but they may extend for after-school activities and enrichment classes until 5:30.

The Virtual Learning Group includes all 13 days for $700 (cash/check) or $750 (credit/debit) with an additional $200 for afterschool learning.  Due to COVID, space will be limited to 24 students.  Classes will be split by age groups.  Call 912-348-2017 to claim your child's spot!



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