Preschool/Early Kindergarten | Kindergarten    

Our students will find a challenging and engaging curriculum in our Early Learning Program where they will be paired with students of similar abilities in each learning area. Student groups are kept small and are under the supervision of one of our certified, experienced educators.  Each learning day is full of learning through play and the excitement of learning new things about our world!

Elementary | Middle School

Students benefit from learning experiences in reading, writing, language arts and math as each child is placed in ability-based instructional levels and receive plenty of individual support from one of our exceptional teachers.  Science, Social Studies, and Enrichment classes make up our afternoons. 


Our elementary leveled instructional philosophy is to lean away from as much paperwork, computer-based instruction and lecture as possible.  Instead, we are driven to get kids moving, thinking and being creative problem solvers.​

In our middle grades program, students are being set up with continued rigor and use cross-curricular, project-based learning to demonstrate their understanding.  

What is ability based instruction?